Home is Where the Heart Is: Being LGBT & Home in the Catholic Church

Wednesday, June 22 | 7:00pm CT | $9.99 webinar fee

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unnamedOwen Borda, PhD

I am so often asked, “How can you stay in THE Church?”  For me it all comes down to the adage that “Home is where the heart is.”  Being “home” and in relationship with “family” is always a complicated dance of acceptance, boundaries, and frankly, God’s grace.  In this webinar, I will share some of my experiences in the struggle as a gay man in and out of the church as a pastoral musician, AIDS provider, and family member. Our dialogue will include a open forum for discussion and mutual support. To get us started, I propose a few guiding questions:

  • How do/can LGBTQI Catholics reconcile who they are and still invest in the faith they love?
  • What “best practices” have worked for you/others in navigating the LGBTQI-Church relationship?
  • In what ways can Catholicism spiritually nourish and support our LGBTQI brothers and sisters in their faith journey?

Owen Borda is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Keuka College and faithful Catholic. He will bring his stories, experience, and perspective of this topic to the webinar conversation and ask others to give voice to theirs. He is passionate about the topic and is looking forward to providing a platform to explore and discuss the state of LGBTQI affairs in the Catholic Church today.