Young Adults to Attend Theological Conference in Thailand

Written By Call To Action


July 29, 2016


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Dr. Paul Hwang at the 2015 Call To Action Conference in Milwaukee.

This August, Call To Action young adults Joe Kruse of Minnesota and Sophie Vodvarka, a CTA national staff member in Chicago, will participate in a cultural exchange of young adult activists and Catholic Theologians between Asia and the US, attending the Asian Youth Academy/Asian Theological Forum (AYA/ATF) in Phuket, Thailand.  Two young adults from the conference in Thailand will also be joining Call To Action this fall at our conference in Albuquerque.

The theme of this year’s conference in Phuket is Peace, Sustainable Development and Ecological Justice with Special Focus on Migrants and Refugees in Asia.  Call To Action young adults will present at the conference about the ways Call To Action and Catholic Worker Houses are creating more tolerant and equitable societies in the US, particularly focusing on partnerships with the movement for black lives, and the School of the America’s Watch.

These young adult experiences will be a continuation of a partnership between the Asian conference and CTA.  Last year, Vision Council member Kathy Schatzberg attended the AYA/ATF forum in Manila, Philippines.  Additionally Dr. Paul Hwang, who helps organize the AYA/ATF conference spoke at our conference in Milwaukee.  You can read about Kathy’s experience in Manila in last year’s newsletter here (page 5): Collaboration with Asian Theological Forum 

We will be reporting back from Thailand on the JustChurch Blog, beginning the week of August 15th.

Please pray for a safe journey and abundant learning!


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