Workers plan strategy meeting in Chicago

Written By BFC


March 16, 2015


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This spring, Call To Action has joined together with partners interested in workers rights and religious exemptions to organize a weekend gathering of workers and activists.

Workers and organizers will come together in Chicago to create a base of common strategy to advocate for our rights as employees. We are committed to pushing back against morality clauses and religious exemptions (including RFRA measures) in a way that puts the workers needs and voices at the forefront.

When faced with unjust conditions or fired for reasons that are illegal elsewhere, like getting pregnant, whistle-blowing or unionizing, workers are told to keep silent or risk being blacklisted. Others live in fear that their identity as an LGBTQ person could get them fired at a moment’s notice. For years, CTA has been inspired by the workers who we’ve partnered with, brave individuals who follow their call to ministry and also speak up for their rights.

The weekend these workers are helping us plan will be an opportunity to meet one another and the allies who are advocating for a more just workplace.  Together we are looking for ways to hold our Church accountable to it’s own teachings.

The convening will be an opportunity for individuals currently or formerly employed by religiously affiliated organizations (schools, parishes, nonprofits, hospitals) to gather to discuss working conditions, legal rights and plans for action. If you are a current or former employee of a religious employer and would like to be involved, contact Ellen.

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