Wendy’s Boycott

Written By Call To Action


March 17, 2016


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You may be aware of the Immokalee farm workers and all the struggles they have gone through and hard hard they have had to fight to get even the slightest improvement of their living and working conditions.

But for those of you who don’t…
Immokalee, Florida is in the middle of state.  It is an area of the country where millions of tomatoes are grown every year.  Those who grow and harvest the tomatoes live an work in very difficult conditions. Immokalee Farm workers have organized themselves and started a coalition to make a change.  One way they have been able to increase their standard of living is to ask for an addition penny per pound for the tomatoes that are sold.  Just 1 cent per pound?  It doesn’t seem like much but it makes a big difference.
Various grocery stores and fast food chains have agreed to pay the extra penny per pound but sadly Wendy’s refuses.
The Alliance for Fair Foods is organizing a boycott of Wendy’s and encouraging people to stop eating at Wendy’s, write a letter to their local Wendy’s, and picket in front of Wendy’s as well as spreading the story in social media.  Click here to take action.
We encourage you to participate in this protest.  And, please let us know what you are doing and how it is going.  Use your voice to make a difference!
PS.  Recently, there was a protest in front of the home of Wendy’s CEO led by Ethel Kennedy.

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