How can we better minister to divorced Catholics?

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April 10, 2014


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This Sunday at 6pm EST/ 3pm Pacific, everyone is invited to the second webinar of our series, Ministering to All God’s Families.  We’ll be discussing a topic taken up by the Survey and personal to many families: how can we as Church better minister to families experiencing or who have experienced divorce?

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We’ll be joined by Sr. Kate Kuenstler, PHJC, JCD, Canon Lawyer.  Kate ministered to couples working through the annulment process during her 11 years as a marriage tribunal judge; she currently represents parishioners as they appeal church closings in their communities.

The main focus, though, is you!  Members were asked to share their stories ahead of time, and many survey respondents had also written about their experiences.  Some of these will be shared and there will be time to interact and share your own questions, stories and opinions.

A discussion guide with insights and questions is available here.  Take a minute to journal, or use the guide with friends, family or your faith community as you prepare for the webinar.

Check out the survey background and results here and be sure to register for all the discussions in our webinar series!

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