Webinar to discuss ministry to interfaith families

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August 5, 2014


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Our series examining the ministry needs of all the families of our communities turns this month to interfaith families.  A growing part of our society, interfaith families bring many gifts to our communities and face challenges in our churches.

We will be joined by Eileen O’Farrell Smith of The Interfaith Union, a resource center for interfaith families and the ministers who serve them, and Naomi Schaefer Riley, author of a book on the growing presence of interfaith marriage in the US.  Eileen and Naomi will share their insights and experiences in a webinar facilitated by Jim FitzGerald.  Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences as well.

Register today to receive a reflection guide with discussion questions.  Many people join the webinar in groups and continue the conversation afterwards around the dinner table, others use the discussion guide to reflect before the webinar about the ministry needs of their own faith community.

Here are some resources to start you thinking!

Naomi’s book, ‘Til Faith Do Us Part

Web resources from The Interfaith Union

TEDx Talk (video) by Rabbi Chava Bahale, a leader in the UU Church

Reflections by Dana Trent, a Christian minister married to a Hindu convert

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  • Rita Walpole Ague says:

    A ‘CathEpis’ I am – strong believer in Vatican 2 and, along with CTA and ‘change is needed in the RC Church’ activists, here in the U.S. and across the globe, a searcher for ways and means to bring about said change.

    Attend both Epis church, St. Andrews in Manitou Springs, each Sunday, where I always bring food I’ve prepared for the poor, and RC church, Sacred Heart, in Colo. Spgs., often on Sat. evenings and during the week., and, on occasion, the Colo. Springs cathedral, St. Mary’s. I, an outfront ‘CathEpis’, am now able to ‘follow my conscience’, and receive Holy Communion, via permission granted for same, by current pastor at Sacred Heart, a Notre Dame ‘fightin’ Irish’ priest. I, not long ago, hung in there, following a former RC pastor’s banning of me to receive Holy Eucharist. My point:

    Hope CTA understands the change that can and most likely will come about, if far more of us so needing and believing in change RCers, jump onboard the ‘CathEpis’ train, and give our current goodly/Godly Pope Francis, an easy means to verify such change, i.e. women priesthood encouraged v. banned, birth control and abortion when needed, priests permitted to marry, LGBT rights (including to follow conscience and come out of the closet, no bullying allowed), divorced/remarried Catholics and CathEpis faithful allowed to receive all sacraments, et. al..