“Voices of Faith” Event Lifts up Experience of Women

Written By Call To Action


March 8, 2016


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In Rome earlier today Voices of Faith provided space for women to talk about their experiences in the world and the Catholic Church. The theme was Mercy Requires Courage. Part 2 of the event dealt directly with the presence of women in the institutional Church.

Most of the panelists did not speak to women’s ordination or equality in the Church. Carolyn Woo of Catholic Relief Services commented that this “door is closed.” Additionally, none of the women touched on reproductive rights nor did anyone on the panel identify how this impacts LGBTQI challenges within the Church. It was a great conversation. But hopefully only a beginning one. 

Commentary from part 2 of the event:

“Miracles happen when the water is stirred.”

“What or who is the Church for us?”

“Our Church is much bigger than the Vatican & Sunday mass.”

“Vital to bring women to the table for decision-making.”

“80% of the work of the Church is done by women.”

“Church is not something you do on Sundays… but a part of how you see the world.”

“What is the word of God? What is the word of man? Never take anything for granted. Discern.”

“The path to holiness is in the questions.”

“What is ‘Catholic enough’ and who gets to decide?”

“Millennials [young adults] and women want a space within the Church to ask important questions.”

“Do we see people like ourselves in the Church?”

“Answers [to Church’s problems] must come from the experience of women… in fact it’s the only place it can come from.”

“1 in 4 women will experience violence.”

“What is the role of women in bringing faith to next generation of believers?”

“Have women at every level of engagement in the Church.”

“How can women serve in visible leadership within the Church?”

“Cultural shift in Catholic Church”

“Women continue to knock on the door of the Church.”

“Move from women in the Church as exception and occasional to common and habitual.”

“Are women engaged as guests or family? Or guest workers?”

“Women need to have a seat at the table of Church as family.”

“Are women’s voices perceived in the Church as threatening or enriching?”

“Not about titles or clericalism… not a sense of a privilidged status.”

“Vatican not heartbeat of Church.”

“Are we fearful of where the conversation is going to go? Priesthood?”

“Men must stand up & say violence against women is not ok.”

“We are all part of God’s family.”




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