Video Ministry

We have a great time gathering together at Call To Action!  Check out these videos from local events which show the warmth of our collective Catholic family.  To view all CTA videos, please visit ctacatholics

Progressive Catholic Coalition joins SOA Watch at the Convergence at the Border!

Our inside look at the SOA Watch’s first ever Convergence on the Border, October 7-10, 2016. Hundreds of activists gathered at the US/Mexico border to bring attention to the dire situation of immigration in the country, including the use of privately run detention centers (like Eloy Detention Center, shown in the film) and the inhumane treatment of migrants. This weekend was special for Call To Action as we joined Progressive Catholic Coalition once again, witnessing the re-birth of a movement which began 25 years ago by our friend Roy Bourgeois. “We don’t cross the border, the border crosses us!”

The second part of our inside look at the SOA Watch’s first ever Convergence on the Border, October 7-10, 2016. Hundreds of activists gathered at the US/Mexico border to bring attention to the dire situation of immigration in our country and to witness with love and solidarity.

Inspiring Young Adult Catholics and Theologians Reflect on Viewing Radical Grace in Thailand

This August, Call To Action sent two representatives to the Asian Youth Academy and Asian Theological Forum in Surat Thani, Thailand. During the 10-day long conference, titled “Peace, Sustainable Development and Ecological Justice with a Special Emphasis on Refugees and Migrants,” participants viewed the film Radical Grace, about three inspiring women religious in the US. Dr. Paul Hwang of the Woori Theology Institute in South Korea organized the conference, which brings young adult lay leaders and theologians together from all over Asia.

A Conversation with Sr. Helen Prejean

In this intimate interview on Cape Cod, Sr. Helen Prejean speaks eloquently about her spiritual journey soon to be detailed in an upcoming book, as well as the ways that violence is sacrilized in American society, and our responsibility as people of faith to never give in to despair, but to act for justice. “Action itself is liberating. We don’t have a blueprint of all the steps, but life emerges, life unfolds, it’s the way the universe works. And that’s the spirit in our hearts.” –Sr. Helen Prejean

Sr. Helen Prejean has been an anti-death penalty activist and advocate for restorative justice for many years. Her book, Dead Man Walking, which was made into an Oscar-winning movie starring Susan Sarandon, chronicles Sr. Helen’s first accompaniment of death row inmates up to their executions. Sr. Helen spoke at two events on Cape Cod this week, which were co-sponsored by Call To Action and Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Mary Ramerman’s Homily at our 40th Anniversary Mass in Rochester, NY

Mary Ramerman of the Spiritus Christi community in Rochester, NY helps Call To Action celebrate 40 years of faith and community. Enjoy her inspiring homily from July, 10, 2016 here!

Sr. Helen Prejean’s Cape Cod address

“We’ll have no talk of a “God of love” in this courtroom because we’re trying to kill this kid.” – Prosecution Attorney to Sr. Helen Prejean during the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Sr. Helen Prejean’s keynote on Cape Cod MA, in May 2016 to a Fellowship of Reconcilliation Cape Cod and Cape Cod Call To Action group is a riveting reflection of a lifetime of work advocating for an end to capitol punishment.

Molly Malone Sing-a-long

Call To Action Los Angeles’ chapter breaks out into an Irish sing-a-long, from the backyard liturgy gathering hosted by Tom and Darnell Stang on April 17, 2016.  The backyard liturgy was a small Eucharistic gathering with Roman Catholic Womanpriest Jen O’Malley.  The gathering honored Dorothy Stang, martyred Catholic sister who fought for land rights and Eco justice in Brazil.  Dorothy is Tom’s brother.

Let us Build a City of God!

Call To Action Nebraska’s 20th Anniversary Conference ended with this beautiful rendition of “City of God” sung by Patty and Mary Hawk, accompanied by Rod Dierks.  From April 4, 2016.

“I have been ordained by the Spirit of God” 

Here’s an excerpt from Sr. Miriam Therese Winter’s keynote at the Nebraska Chapter’s 20th Anniversary Conference, April 4, 2016.  Sr. Miriam recounts speaking at the National CTA Conference in 1996, 3 weeks after a radical mastectomy.

“From Certainty to Faith”

Tom Roberts of National Catholic Reporter spoke at the Nebraska Chapter’s 20th Anniversary Conference.  Here is an excerpt of his speech, from April 4, 2016.  Tom speaks on his recently published a book about Joan Chittister, subtitled “From Certainty to Faith”, as well as the future of Catholicism in the US.