Stay Standing with the Sisters (April 2013)

Written By BFC


August 21, 2013


Focus Areas:

April marks the one-year anniversary since the Vatican’s harmful mandate against the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) sisters. Take a moment to tell church leaders and the world that you continue to stand on the side of the sisters! For more information, go to our coalition’s website at



  • Jack McMahon says:

    I’ve been corresponding with Jim F. for a couple of years now, begging CTA to take a Tahrir Square public stance in support of the sisters . . . not just petitions and letters, etc, Do something that the bishops must listen to.
    Instead, the papacy of Francis and the hope it generates in many areas, seems to have paralyzed CTA and others. The nuns are being throw under bus with happy talk replacing advocacy. Jack McMahon

  • Heather says:

    Exactly what genuinely stimulated u to create “Stay Standing with the Sisters (April 2013) – CTA : CTA”?
    I personallytruly appreciated the post! I appreciate it -Vivien

  • Bernice L Brown says:

    When I reason about what was happening to the nuns, I was so angry that I stopped going to church. I felt that if this was how the Pope and his advisers felt, they had become controllers rather than our shepherds, as Jesus was and called his apostles, then this was not the Catholic Church Jesus would have instituted. I wasn’t giving up on God, but the church. I have since returned to church with the election of Pope Francis. He is talking like we matter, and I hope he lives long enough to incorporate the necessary changes.

    • Ellen Euclide says:

      Thanks for sharing your story Bernice, there has been so much pain and hurt for many of us but there is hope an healing for me in knowing that we are the Church! So many people are inspired by Pope Francis’s example and by the lives of everyday Catholics who are working to co-create the Church we know is possible.