Thousands eagerly respond to survey effort

Written By BFC


November 27, 2013


Focus Areas:

In just 3 weeks, over 10,000 people have completed the CTA sponsored online version of the Vatican survey!  Please continue to spread the word and share with everyone you know, results will be collected until Dec 15.  We want to make sure as many people as possible have the chance to answer so that this effort showcases the diversity of U.S. Catholics.

The Church is the people and those people have been speaking up and working to create a better Church for centuries, but recently many of us have often felt disempowered and ignored when we tried to speak with the institutional hierarchy.  We are hopeful to see the Vatican reach out to real communities for insight into better serving families who’ve been marginalized, and heartened to see so many of those families eager to share their experiences.

In response to Catholics’ strong interest in the Vatican’s request for input, a number bishops have decided to make some version of the survey available through diocesan websites.   If you’ve already taken our online version, give your diocese a call and ask what they’re doing to collect input.  Hearing from so many Catholics eager to make their voices heard has most certainly made local diocese realize that they need to take the voices of the laity seriously.  Encourage them to make the survey more easily accessible to all, and consider sending a copy of your answers to them too.


  • Cheryl Ortega says:

    Is it possible to see the survey? I know the deadline for responding has passed, but the women’s study group in my parish wants to use it for discussion. Thanks

    • Ellen Euclide says:

      Cheryl, Thanks for asking, I’m so glad to hear that your group will be discussing it! A printable copy of the questions is still available at in both English and Spanish. A report of the response to the survey will also be available soon, as well as discussion resources and other events as we prepare for the Synod this year, stay tuned!