White Supremacy and Catholicism

CTA’s White Supremacy Study Circles investigate the intersection of Catholicism and White Privilege and seek to dismantle white supremacy in our church. There are currently three main components of this work:

  • In person retreats. On January 20, 2018, CTA worked with local leaders in Charlottesville, VA to host a day-long retreat on grappling with the sin of racism. This was an opportunity for Catholics in the Charlottesville area to reflect on the racist rallies that had invaded their city last August and organize a faithful response to white supremacy. Contact cta@cta-usa.org to help organize a similar event in your city. Read an NCR article about the Charlottesville retreat.
  • Online webinar. On November 28, 2017, CTA held an online webinar to give our members an opportunity to reflect on– and resist– the impact of white supremacy in our parishes and communities. Over forty CTA members from across the United States participated in this event.
  • Resources for Chapters. We are currently in the process of forming resources for CTA Chapters committed to dismantling racism and white supremacy. Contact cta@cta-usa.org for more information.