Standing up against fear and discrimination in San Francisco

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February 4, 2015


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Yesterday, Archbishop Cordileone proposed that teachers and staff at Bay Area high schools within the Archdiocese accept “morality clauses” that condemn homosexuality as contrary to “natural law,” contraception as “intrinsically evil,” ordination of female priests as impossible, and use of assisted reproductive technology as a “grave evil.” Every staff member is expected to “conduct their lives so as to not visibly contradict, undermine or deny these truths.”

Students, staff, parents and alumni are outraged.  CTA has worked with local groups to launch a petition and is making sure that the Archbishop knows that his move is out of step with Catholics around the country.

The Archbishop is also attempting to reclassify all Catholic school employees, including teachers, administrative staff, custodial and food service staff, as “ministers,” a move which other diocese have also made recently, and which could eliminate anti-discrimination protections for those staff members.

Below, you can see the proposed language which was distributed at a meeting yesterday at one high school, others are expected to officially receive the documents at an event Friday at the Cathedral. Local parents and students are planning to push back, we’ll be sure to let you know how to support them.


Here are the documents which teachers received yesterday (click on each to enlarge, pages go from left to right)


  • Travis B says:

    God Bless Archbishop Cordileone !

  • linda mertle says:

    It’s time for the Catholic Church to stop
    Spreading messages of Hate. God made all of us the way we are. Your messages of hate are going against God’s creations. Shame on you.

  • pauline hogan says:

    May God fofgive you for your views because I’m finding it difficult.

  • JB Richards says:

    I am very disappointed with the course Archbishop Cordileaone is taking. Thankfully, many religious rights organizations against gender-bias and discrimination in the Roman Catholic Church—including Roman Catholic Women Priests, Call To Action, Fortunate Families, and the Women’s Ordination Conference—are currently sponsoring a petition for inclusivity and equality called “Widen the Circle at the 2015 Synod” which will take place on March 4, 2015. I urge you all to sign it. You can access the Petition at:…/widen-the-circle….

    I also ask that you all to let your local parish priests and bishops know how you feel about this issue. If you are not comfortable doing so, you can also lend your support to social media organizations on Facebook like the ones listed above, as well as other essential groups bringing about this tide to change.

    Let’s not continue to stand by like idle sheep as the wolves cull good people from the flock!
    JB Richards
    Author of “Miriamne the Magdala-The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” and Content Creator for The Miriamne Page

  • Anne Recinos says:

    As a practicing Catholic, I am disheartened and hurt by these kind of messages put out by members of my faith. This is not in keeping with the spirit of Christ-like love and I hope that all lay faithful will reject this type of speech coming from our church.

  • Jody Murphy says:

    This is not the environment in which I wish my sons to be educated. The Archbishop needs to start living in the 21st Century.

  • Sr. Laetitia Bordes, s.h. says:

    what strikes me in all these documents is that there is not a single mention of Jesus Christ who came so that we “may have life, life in all its fullness.”

  • Nancy Sungleton says:

    we need a new and more understanding archbishop

  • Mary Finley says:


  • Mr Tomasz Padewski says:

    Bravo Archbishop Cordileone. May God Bless you and give you strength to fight the enemies of Christ

  • Emily Chen says:

    Would Obama hire a conservative Republican to be his Press Secretary or Chief of Staff? Should he be forced to do so? Likewise, a Catholic School should be able to require that only true believers and faithful Catholics teach it the students in the Catholic Schools. Isn’t that what a parent expects when they send their kids there? To demand otherwise is absurd.

    • lucy says:

      Being Catholic is not the only reason parents send their children to Catholic Schools. There are many other reasons. Archbishop Cordileone is making an irrational and absurd demand of the diocese teachers. If Catholic schools want their teachers to abide by Catholic doctrine in both their professional AND personal lives, they should only hire Catholic teachers. If the church continues the practice of hiring non-Catholics, they cannot expect them to act like Catholics in their private lives. The church can’t have it both ways. Not if it wants to really represent true Christianity.