Press Statement: Catholics Are Ready for Women Priests

Written By Call To Action


November 1, 2016

It is clear that Catholics across the United States support women priests. At the time of Pope Francis’ election, the Pew Research Center showed that six out of ten Catholics think the Pope should open ordination to women. Today, however, Pope Francis made it clear that he does not foresee women’s equality in the church.

“For a Pope who proclaims the need for mercy, Pope Francis is not being merciful to Catholic women,” said David Saavedra, Interim Co-Director of Call To Action. “The ban against ordination keeps women from having meaningful representation at the Vatican or in Catholic decision-making bodies across the globe. As a result, policy decisions are being made about women’s lives without any women at the table where those decisions are made.”

This was not always the case. History shows that women were ordained as deacons, priests, and bishops in the early centuries of the church.

“We are ready for women priests to be restored in the church,” noted Mr. Saavedra, “and are supporting women who are moving ahead with ministry or ordination without Vatican approval.  Catholics are working in movements like Call To Action to ensure that one day women and men will be able to equally minister alongside one another. This is what Jesus modeled and we hope the same for our church.”