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Re/Generation 2020 Application Open!

Re/Generation calls young leaders animated by liberatory, life-giving faith to reckon with the injustices of the Catholic institution while incarnating new ways of being church.  

Now in its third year, Re/Generation is a national cohort of young Catholic visionaries and change-makers, or “Re/Generators.” Re/Generators recognize that our faith is the source of holy, unique, and revolutionary potential for personal and common good. They also acknowledge that our church is responsible for historical and ongoing injustice, particularly toward LGBTQ people, people of color, women, and lay people throughout the world. Digging into this paradox, Re/Generators find fertile soil for decomposing oppressive structures and cultivating the church we are called to be for our hurting world. Re/Generators locate themselves in a broader movement for church reform, joining in the historic work of Call To Action (CTA) and honoring the wisdom of many generations through mutual mentoring with elders. 

This year, Re/Generation is integrated with Call To Action’s 2020 National Campaign coordinating the activities of progressive Catholics across strategies, organizations, and generations to take action together during Advent 2020. Our Campaign brings together three strategies for change-making – lobbying church leaders, educating other Catholics and allies, and taking direct action, especially occupation. Re/Generators will use one of these three strategies to organize coordinated prophetic actions for Church transformation during Advent 2020. We encourage people to think creatively about what these actions could look like! 

Because of this year’s emphasis on mobilizing local communities, we welcome team applications of multiple Re/Generators who live in the same place. You will be able to designate on your application if you are applying as part of a Re/Generator team or as an individual. Wherever possible, program staff will connect solo applicants with nearby Re/Generators. Where Re/Generators are unable to join other teams because of their location, CTA will help remotely integrate their work with the National Campaign. 

Program Overview 

Convergence: June 5-7, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN

Re/Generators come together to build community as a cohort within the intergenerational Convergence of 2020 National Campaign Leaders. In addition to 2020 Re/Generators, National Campaign Leaders will include past Re/generators, CTA Chapter representatives, and delegations from allied organizations from the Catholic church reform movement. Together we’ll build skills for organizing and collaborative leadership, cultivate meaningful intergenerational relationships, discern our unique vocations as change-makers, and leave energized and equipped to put our faith into action for justice. Rooting into the rich spiritual resources of our faith, Campaign Leaders will imagine new ways of being church and explore three strategies for creating change – lobbying, education, and direct action. These three Strategy Teams will collaborate and plan together virtually in the months following the Convergence. 

Coordinated Organizing: June-November 2020

Over this 6-month period, Re/Generators build towards taking prophetic action for church transformation in Advent 2020. Each Re/Generator or Re/Generator team discerns what issue(s) of church injustice to address, which strategy to use, and how their local effort will collaborate with the broader Campaign. Re/Generators receive ongoing training and support through monthly video calls with fellow National Campaign leaders working in the same strategy to bounce ideas, trouble-shoot, and coordinate across localities. Separate Re/Generation Cohort video calls nurture this community of peers with regular opportunities for connection, reflection, and encouragement. Finally, Re/Generators receive additional support through one-on-one accompaniment from a mentor, as well as access to a network of elders to engage in mutual intergenerational learning. 

Advent Actions: December 2020

During the season of Advent, Re/Generators put their plans into action alongside other 2020 National Campaign leaders. Direct Action Teams will lead direct actions; Education Teams will facilitate their sessions or present their materials; and Lobbying Teams will meet with church leaders. CTA national staff will help coordinate and promote these activities with our organizational partners and media on the national scale, allowing each team the opportunity to leverage its unique change making potential alongside the others. For example, lobbyists will be able to refer to the ongoing direct actions as leverage while educators refer to the direct actions where they can see the lessons in practice. 

Virtual Huddle: January 2021

In the new year, Re/Generators huddle virtually with other 2020 National Campaign leaders in a video conference to celebrate their successes, share their learnings and discern next steps. While the three main strategy teams will continue to meet, this virtual huddle will mark the end of 2020 Re/Generators commitments. 

Optional: Spring 2021 Convergence

Call To Action is planning a spring Convergence in 2021 to debrief and build on the lessons from the 2020 National Campaign. Details are yet to be determined and this is not a program requirement or expectation. However, travel and lodging for this gathering will be covered by CTA for any 2020 Re/Generators who are able to attend.    

Program Expectations

Re/Generators will:

  • Explore their unique vocation as a Catholic change-maker 
  • Connect with an inspiring, supportive community of eleven other young leaders as part of the 2020 Re/Generation Cohort 
  • Collaborate in an intergenerational network of Catholic change-makers as part of the CTA 2020 National Campaign
  • Participate in the Convergence June 5-7, 2020 in Minneapolis with fellow Re/Generators and other Catholic change-makers (travel and lodging paid by CTA)
  • Experience ongoing support and training through monthly video calls with other leaders working in the same strategy 
  • Receive one-on-one accompaniment from an elder mentor   
  • Discern, design and implement activities addressing Church injustices during Advent 2020 in collaboration with local and national communities 
  • Receive a stipend 

Re/Generators must: 

  • Be between the ages of 20 and 39 
  • Be committed to LGBTQ equality, anti-racism and anti-oppression
  • Have a desire to collaborate intergenerationally
  • Have a passion for social justice and their Catholic faith
  • Attend the Convergence June 5-7, 2020 in Minneapolis (all expenses paid by CTA)
  • Commit to organizing activities during Advent 2020 to respond to an injustice in the church (strategy, scale and scope of activities will vary)  
  • Commit to attending monthly video calls, July through December, with fellow leaders working in the same strategy
  • Commit to attending three cohort calls with fellow Re/Generators held in July, September and November     
  • Commit to joining the Virtual Huddle video conference in January 2021

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