REC – Divine Mercy and the Womb of God

Written By Call To Action


February 29, 2016


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Diane Brent spoke on divine mercy and the womb of God.  As a scripture scholar, Diane focused on what we know about mercy from that lens.  She said that scripturally mercy is about much more than not getting punished.  Mercy designates a tender womb-like love; the deep love that a mother has for her children, or the Creator has for creation.  This steadfast love lasts during good and bad times.  It is with this kind of deep devotion that God treats us.

The face of God is mercy, and if we want to know what that looks like, pay attention to Jesus.  The word for womb-like love is used three times in the Gospels.  The father has womb-like love for the prodigal son; the king has womb-like love when he forgives the debt of the debtor; and the good samaritan has womb-like love when he sees the beaten man on the side of the road.

We are called to embody the same kind of womb-like love, the same kind of mercy when we encounter others in this world.  Diane encourages us to love those who don’t love us, to offer to others the same mercy God affords us.

Mercy is not opposed to justice.  But God goes beyond justice to mercy.  We are called to recognize that we are dependent on the cosmic God for all that we need.  God is our provider.  We are also called to be responsible for each other.  We are to mirror God and become the face of mercy.

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