REC – The Names of God

Written By Call To Action


February 28, 2016


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Megan McKenna spoke about the names of God as being the verbs used to describe God.  By knowing the actions of God, we can understand who God is.  And “The names of God tell us what we are supposed to do.”

In reading the scripture where Moses encounters God through the burning bush, we hear God saying the God has witnessed the pain of the people, heard their cries, knows their suffering, and will deliver them from their slavery.

If we want to be followers of God, we need to start acting like God.  God is interested in communion among all peoples.  We need to pay attention to the poor.  Megan said that if we are wondering, “The poor today are all those who get doors closed in their faces.”

Megan ended the session with questions for us to consider and an impressive for action.  Do we see those most in need and hear their voices?  How do we enter into their suffering and stand in solidarity with them?  What do we need to do so they can find freedom?

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