REC – A Church of the 21st Century: Continuing Reform & Renewal | Thomas Groome

Written By Call To Action


February 27, 2016


Focus Areas:

In Groome’s presentation, he outlined the many ways we must continue to work for a renewed and reformed Catholic and catholic (small C) faith.

His 5 key takeaways for reform include:

  1. All charisms of the baptized must be engaged. Everyone is responsible for giving voice to the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church. Collegiality and synodality are crucial.
  2. The Catholic Church can stand for nothing less than complete equality for women. This includes the full participation and inclusion of women’s gifts to the Church.
  3. We must open the priesthood to all those who have gifts to serve and we must continue to support the demise of clericalism and “pedestalism.”
  4. The Church must be a compassionate Church that brings people together rather than drive folks away. Focus on the central tenets of compassion and justice and not contraception, etc.
  5. We must have a catechism that engages peoples lived realities – not dogmatic rules far from experience.

In doing this, we must use an apologetic of persuasion rather than coercion, by standing up for our convictions more than authority.

To be an agent for reform and renewal means:

  1. Draw out others and listen
  2. Share the hope that is in you
  3. Invite people to “see it for themselves”

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