Queer or Lesbian? Catholic women host discussion this Sunday

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March 6, 2014


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Join the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) this Sunday for a teleconference discussion with Jamie Manson and other Catholic women as they discuss the importance of the words we choose for our identity.   Is the younger generation’s embrace of the term “queer” an important shift?  Is there a power to “lesbian” that we need to recognize?  What is the importance of these terms to our own identities?

NCR columnist Jamie L. Manson will lead the discussion, entitled “Resisting ‘Lesbian’ Embracing ‘Queer:’ What is the New Generation Telling Us?”  The conversation will take place via teleconference so that queer and lesbian Catholics can join in no matter where they live.   For more information on joining the discussion this Sunday at 11:30 AM EST, check the WATER website‘s announcement.

The question of words and identities is an ongoing discussion happening within CTA, Equally Blessed and the larger LGBTQAI movement.  On our listservs, Facebook or over a drink at the Annual Conference, CTA folks are always looking for ways to better understand ourselves and our siblings in Christ.  Make sure to stay up to date with our latest actions, educational events and opportunities to get involved by signing up for our emails at the top left of your screen.

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