Prayer for All Loving Marriages

loveislove_0Bishops are increasingly holding “marriage recognition events” in which they ask Catholics to pray for married life. We agree that marriage is a blessing and believe that all loving marriages deserve celebration and recognition– not just heterosexual marriage.

Please join us in using the prayer below to celebrate and honor the marriages of all loving couples.

Loving God,
You who created each of us in Your own image
and who called us together in community,

We give You thanks for the gift of marriage
and for the many couples
whose love and commitment to each other reminds us
of Your never-ending love for humanity.

We thank You for all the different types of marriages in our world:
young couples beginning a life together,
as well as couples celebrating decades of love,
re-married couples and those who found each other later in life,
couples whose marriages are recognized by our state and our Church,
and same-sex couples who are denied that recognition
but who continue to bravely model love and commitment in the face of discrimination.

We thank You for the many kinds of families
that are strengthened by these marriages:
families of biological children and adopted children,
blended families and families of choice,
as well as couples without children who work together
to nurture communities of love and justice.

This week, as many are observing National Marriage Week,
we ask You to pour Your blessings onto every marriage
regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Make each marriage one of love, respect and peace.
Guide each couple as they strive to be an example of your love in the world
and surround them with family and friends
who honor and celebrate their commitment.

Help us support marriage and family in all of its diversity
and guide us as we speak out against oppression in our Church.
Lead us toward the day when all loving unions will be seen as sacred
and all couples will have the support and recognition of their faith communities.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, who called us to love one another as we love You,