Pentecost Challenge

Written By Call To Action


May 11, 2016


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Pentecost is coming up – May 15 to be exact!  As you remember, on Pentecost the disciples were inspired by the Holy Spirit to leave their comfortable upper room and be with foreigners and strangers.  Because the Spirit was with them, they were able to understand each other.  The good news of God was able to be shared.

We, at Call To Action, would like to invite you to allow the Holy Spirit move you to a place outside your usual routine.  This Sunday, we offer a challenge: go to a Church that you usually do not attend, perhaps one outside your faith tradition.  Watch, listen, learn, participate.  Talk to people and share the good news that is in your heart.  Let the miracle of Pentecost happen again.

Next week, let us know how it went and how the Spirit worked in your life.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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