Peace and Justice

Catholicism has a long and storied tradition of working for peace and justice in our church and world.

If you want peace work for justiceFrom prophets like St. Francis to Oscar Romero to Dorothy Day, to peace encyclicals like Pacem in Terrace (Peace on Earth), to the Catholic Social Teaching tradition, to protests by Catholics worldwide, our faith has stood strongly on the side of peace and justice.

Call To Action not only stands in this long line of peace initiatives, but is at the forefront of cultivating a faith that does justice and works for peace. From dismantling racist structures to lifting up women’s voices, Call To Action strongly believes that: “if you want peace you must work for justice” (Pope Paul VI). 

In that Spirit, the organization is working hard to embrace philosophies and methods that embrace anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and anti-violent ways of being church. From greater encounters with each other, dialogue and collaboration about our church and world, and through empowering Catholics to work for transformation, Call To Action is committed to the crucial work of peace and justice.

Central to our efforts to promote peace and justice is prayer. Please join us in raising our voices, dreams, desires, joys, challenges, and struggles to God in asking for greater peace and justice in our church and world.

Prayer of St. Francis Annual Report