Oregon chapter hosts Anti-Racism workshop

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June 5, 2014


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Last weekend, CTA Northwest Oregon hosted two members of our national Anti-Racism Team who led a workshop on how we can all work together to dismantle structures of racism in our communities.

The chapter publicized the two day event throughout the community and it was attended by both chapter members and members of other local groups and churches.  Otto, who helped organize the event, said that it went off “beautifully” and that he learned a lot by attending.  He said that it will definitely impact their future work as a chapter, though it is too early yet to tell exactly what direction the inspiration of the workshop will take them.

The NW Oregon chapter contacted the Anti-Racism Team a few months ago, having decided after hearing about CTA’s anti-racism initiatives that the workshop would be a good opportunity for their chapter to expand its understanding of the issue.  As part of CTA’s Anti-Racism initiative, ART members are available to lead workshops and do one on one’s with CTA leaders and chapters across the country; many chapters have sponsored the workshops with lots of success.  Otto said he’d definitely encourage other chapters to plan an AR workshop.

If you are interested in our Anti-Racism work, or bringing a workshop to your chapter, contact us!


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