About CTA 20/30 Project Mentors

Call To Action’s 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership aims to cultivate young leaders who hold and live in Catholicism’s paradox. Recognizing that our faith is the source of holy, unique, and revolutionary potential for personal and common good and at the same time is the source of unreconciled (and often unacknowledged) oppression and injustice, especially for LGBTQ people; people of color, women, and lay people throughout the world.

This year-long program will begin with a 3 day retreat in May 2018, where our young leaders will learn about Catholic social teaching, analyze dominant power structures, and study methods of social movement and change. They will then be paired with a mentor from their local area who will help them discern how their Catholicism and personal gifts intersect with the social needs around them, and who will support our young leaders as they mobilize for social justice in their home communities.

Mentor Expectations

  • Mentors must have prior experience and commitment to social justice, church reform and anti-oppression. Experience organizing and mobilizing Call To Action chapters or affiliated groups is a plus.
  • Mentors must become familiar with Call To Action’s existing leadership groups to be able to connect participants when necessary. CTA’s Leadership groups are the 20/30’s Group, the Anti-Racism Team, the development committee, CTA national staff, and the Vision Council.
  • Mentors ought to be creative, patient, and appreciate humor.

Mentor Commitments

  • Mentors and Young Adult Leaders will meet at least monthly either in person or virtually.
  • Mentors will be available to provide further concentrated support when participant and mentor feel it is necessary.
  • Mentors will participate in video conference calls, facilitated by the Project Coordinator, at least every other month.
  • Mentors must commit to the full duration of the program May-Nov 2018.

Apply to be a mentor for CTA Young Adult Leaders

Questions? Email Claire Hitchins at claire@cta-usa.org!