Members in IL discuss the survey

Written By BFC


December 21, 2013


Focus Areas:

Faithful of Southern IL, a CTA affiliate, recently used the Survey about the Synod on the Family as a jumping off point to discuss their experiences with pastoral ministry in our Church.  Although the online Survey was meant to be filled out individually, FOSIL decided to also publish a version of the answers that represented their group.  The answers are available on their website and are a great resource for others who are thinking about the way we do ministry as Catholics.

CTA co-sponsored an online version of the survey, which was sent to Bishops by the Vatican in October.  The “preparatory document” was meant to help Bishops and the faithful think about how the Church’s approach toward pastoral ministry does, and doesn’t, meet the needs of modern families.  It has been quite a conversation starter!

FOSIL’s discussion of the topics and publishing them on their website is just one example of the many wonderful conversations it’s sparked.  To find out if a group is hosting an event in your area, check out your local chapter and keep an eye out for more ways that CTA will be preparing for the Synod next year.

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