WCPO CINCINNATI: Catholics, Teachers Protest Archdiocese’s Morality Contract

Written By Call To Action


April 24, 2014

CTA members are part of the thousands of teachers, parents and parishioners who oppose the morality clause within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s teacher contract and want it changed.

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  • bob sauerbrey says:

    I have oppose this since it began. If this had arisen during the 40+ years I taught in a Catholic HS, I would have had to resign in good conscience. I look for the decline and ultimate demise of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in the next decade since young teachers will not subject themselves to this oppression nor be part of subjecting their students to its mendacity. Archbishop Schnurr is no shepherd of his people but an autocrat exercising power over those ignorant enough to submit to it.

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