PRESS RELEASE: “Time Wise Words Translate Into Just Action”

Written By Call To Action


June 26, 2016

For Immediate Release: Sunday, June 26

Contact: Ryan Hoffmann

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Pope Francis spoke compassionately when he said that the Church “must say it’s sorry” to gay people and “mistreated women” aboard a flight back from his trip to Armenia on Sunday.

“To hear the head of the Roman Catholic Church acknowledge the hurt and pain the church has caused in the lives of countless gay people and women worldwide is a welcoming and encouraging sign towards needed healing and reconciliation,” says Ryan Hoffmann, Co-Executive Director.

In addition to Francis’ pastoral words, Catholic officials must act to reform teachings and practices that refer to gay people as “objectively disordered” and “intrinsically evil” and which continue to exclude and deny women equal participation and leadership in the church.

Hoffmann continues, “It’s time Francis’ wise words translate into just action. We stand ready to help the church move toward the institutional change Francis’ radical love often asks of us.”

Call To Action continues to be heartened by Francis’ openness to ongoing ecclesial transformation. Teachings and practices that affirm and embrace our LGBTQ friends and extend true equality to women embody not only a church of compassionate words, but more importantly, one of just and loving action.


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