PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court Decision Reverberates Love, Challenges Catholic Hierarchy

Written By Call To Action


June 26, 2015


June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Decision Reverberates Love, Challenges Catholic Hierarchy

For most Catholics, especially lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Catholics, today’s Supreme Court decision affirms a basic promise society grants its citizens: equal rights under the law.

Jim FitzGerald, Call To Action’s Executive Director, believes the decision will have a long and lasting impact on both society and the Catholic Church: 

“For far too long committed LGBT partners and families have endured discrimination and marginalization. This has come from many places – but none more forceful than from some members within the Catholic hierarchy. This decision, however, reverberates God’s love of everyone and celebrates the dignity and holiness of all loving families.”

Call To Action calls upon the Catholic hierarchy to reexamine and change church teaching with regards to the LGBT community.

“The sacredness of all loving couples, together with their welcome and inclusion in all facets of faith communities, is a reality that must now be given pastoral priority” says Jim FitzGerald. “We cannot act as if the Spirit hasn’t moved us to be more loving and just.”

Call To Action joins with the majority of Catholics who stand on the side of love and equality. We will continue to champion faith communities where all are welcome, celebrated, and honored for the gifts and blessings they bring the church.


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