PRESS RELEASE: A Humbler, More Pastoral Chicago Church

Written By Call To Action


September 20, 2014

A Humbler, More Pastoral Chicago Church
“Call To Action USA and Call To Action Chicago are relieved to learn that Bishop Blasé Cupich, a moderate, has been named the new bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago. At a time when numerous U.S. Bishops are choosing to fight ideological battles, Pope Francis’ selection of Cupich demonstrates a desire for a humbler, more pastoral church.  
The choice of Cupich shows promise for a church which can be closer to the people. Catholics in Chicago and beyond yearn for a faith rooted in the Gospel call of love and justice over rigid orthodoxy. It is our sincere hope that Cupich will be open to the challenges and joys of Catholics’ lived experiences and embrace the wisdom of all God’s people. As he begins this new journey, we will hold him in prayer.”
Chicago-area Catholics are available today to talk about this selection by Pope Francis. Please email or call for details.  
Media Contact:
Ryan Hoffmann, Director of Communications
Phone: 773.404.0004 ext 285 | Email: 


  • Florrie Deaner says:

    Is Cardinal George retiring, because of health, age, other? Thanks

  • Marni Gillard says:

    Thanks! This is hopeful! Sr. Joan Chittister talked on the difficulty and importance of PROPHECY in our area to a packed crowd this week. Our newish Bishop “Ed” in Albany, NY diocese has said again and again he’s about listening. He’s meeting kids, preaching at local churches, very faith-filled and open. Here’s hoping EVERY diocese gets the “good stuff”….. Praying for Francis and for our whole church. Thanks. Marni

  • Helen Brennan,sP says:

    This is truly a sign of New Hope for our Church.
    He is in my daily prayers.

  • Grace Byerly says:

    Let us continue that we, ALL of us, will continue to be open and responsive to the promptings of the Spirit and truly listen to each other with an open heart.We need also to pray for the gifts of humility,wisdom, and courage so that God might use us to build up the Kin’dom together.

  • Thrilled with the good news of the appointment of Bishop Cupich. Thank you Pope Francis !

  • Congratulations Bishop Cupich. Know that you are in our prayers – even from Minnesota – as you accept this position.

  • James P. Godfrey says:

    Much gratitude for this pastoral appointment.

  • Marie Thompson says:

    May we work together to bring about the pastoral spirit of a Church willing to meet the cry of the poor.

    Marie Thompson

  • George/ Catherine Wynne says:

    Keep up the good Gospel work

  • Kathy Ramirez says:

    I have great hopes for more insight and more support by our Catholic Church in the challenges of marginalized people.

  • I was thrilled to read of Bishop Cupich’s appointment

    As an author and resigned priest I follow all the Church activity daily..
    My last published book Broken Promises..whatever happened to Vatican Council 11? covers all of the failures since Vatican Council 11 and the hope initiated by Pope Francis.

    Four of my proposals for the Vatican Synod ion the Family in Oct have been sent by Cardinal Dolan to the committee.

    Check my website listed above

  • Jeff Konyar says:

    As a Chicago native who was educated by Dominican sisters fully in tune with spirit of Vatican II, I am very grateful that Chicago has been blessed with Archbishop Cupich, I am also glad that a person of Slavic ancestry has been picked to serve as the head of the church in Chicago, the center of Slavic migration to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and renewed in the second half of the 20th century and up to the present day.!

  • chuck ripp says:

    It is good to see that the Pope takes his appointments serious by personally checking with people whom he respects in the church, and that he is appointing a person who reflects his own pastoral style, and someone who wants to hear what the people say rather than be a “yes man” for the pope. If the pope continues this approach, perhaps he will eventually consider women’s ordination to the priesthood a viable option.

    • chuck ripp says:

      I tried to leave a comment and completed all of the required fields marked, but it says my comment requires moderation???????

      • Ellen Euclide says:

        Chuck, we love to hear from everyone but unfortunately the spambots have gotten us recently. For now, all comments require approval so that our readers don’t have to wade through 200 ads for prada bags (or worse).

  • Thomas E Ericksen says:

    This renews my faith in the Chirch — If he works out as he looks now, the Church will be back on the Jesus track!

  • Fr. Jim Kuhns says:

    Bishop Cupich has been good to work with as one of his clergy; I pray that Chicago, with its multi-faceted complexities, will find him a good shepherd.

  • Alex says:

    Why do you use the terms moderate, conservative, liberal, progressive, and many other terms describing Catholics? I thought Catholic is Catholic, no more no less. We are taught the doctrines of faith and we accept them in communion with the church, or we don’t and find another Christian church in line with our beliefs. We do have free will you know. Just wondering why you are attaching labels to people. There are so many Protestant religions out there that are definitely in line with what CTAs views dictate. Just let us “orthodox” Catholics alone and let us worship in peace. Just put your focus on Christ and everything will become more clear. I’ll pray for you and everyone else who is confused. God speed.

  • Christopher B. Janezic, Esq. says:

    Gracias a Dios!!!!!

  • Sheila M Murphy says:

    Perhaps Bishop Cupich could start by driving through Englewood, Back of the Yards and Lawndale and view the Catholic schools that were abandoned during the time of Cardinal Cody and afterwards. When Cardinal Cody came he collected untold millions for something he called, “Project Renewal.” Chicago Catholic pledged money monthly and gave generously so that schools in areas where white flight occurred could be saved and churches remain open. Instead the money was taken to the Rome and used to air condition the Vatican. This was told to me by Cardinal Sebastano Basio who was formerly head of the College of Cardinals.
    Generations of children have not had the education that my Dad had in an orphanage and then at a Jesuit high school,nor the chances he had because of education.
    The new Bishop can make existing schools safe, such as Frances de Sales where the asbestos in the ceiling falls daily. Bishop Cupich can start by retrieving the money that Catholics contributed with interest from the Vatican bank. Pope Francis, in the alternative could sell a work of art. If the children receive the education that they deserve in Chicago, the killings will stop. Education will replace the hope that died years ago. If young people have good educations they will be off the street corners. They will be in colleges, trades and employed. Cardinal George marched with his gippy leg in the neighborhoods where the killings occur. He held breakfast meetings with Ceasefire. He tried. We are asking you to do more. We have a Pope now who cares. That’s why he sent you to us. Everything is possible.
    Sheila M. Murphy
    Retired Illinois Circuit Court Judge

  • Sheila M Murphy says:

    Correction to the comment I made this morning:
    The Cardinal I referred to is Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio who was President of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State, not the College of Cardinals
    Sheila M. Murphy

  • Clay Cook says:

    We remember Father C. very well in Ohio. (Home of our only U.S. Pontifical Seminary where he worked)
    He is a good bishop. For those “worried” souls who fear our church may become less Catholic, fear not. Great leadership in a great pastor can now be expected in Chicago!

  • Karen says:

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