Press Release on Francis’ Formation of Commission to Study Women Deacons

Written By Call To Action


May 12, 2016


For Immediate Release: May 12, 2016

Contact: Ryan Hoffmann,, 574.675.6726

Today’s announcement by Pope Francis of an official commission to study the idea of ordaining women as deacons is a positive step toward equality for women in the Catholic Church.

“I applaud today’s announcement. The majority of Catholics know that barring women from the altar is not only unjust, but also degrading and demoralizing. For many years Call To Action and other organizations for Catholic renewal have supported women’s ordination as we recognize that women also image Christ and the divine in the Church,” said Ryan Hoffmann, Co-Executive Director.

Call To Action urges Pope Francis’ commission on the study of women deacons to include dialogue with the many strong voices who have worked on the margins because of their support of women’s equality in the Church. Their perspective has an important role to play in this conversation.

Hoffmann agrees, “Many of us have been working on issues of equality and ordination for years. As the Vatican reaches out to those most apt to speak to this I hope they look our way. For far too long women’s voices have been suppressed and stifled – it is past time women and reform groups like Call To Action inform the possibility of greater roles for women in the Church.”

Call To Action looks forward to the day when women and men can celebrate equally the Church’s witness of God’s graciousness and love.


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