PRESS RELEASE: Conference Participants Petition U.S. Bishops, Want “Spirited Conversation”

Written By Call To Action


November 12, 2014


Wednesday, November 12

Attendees at the National Call To Action conference in Memphis last week have sent a statement to the U.S. Bishops meeting in Washington this week expressing the desire of Catholics to continue the dialogue of the Synod of Families. 650 signatures were collected and hand delivered to the Bishop of Baltimore.

This is the letter presented to Archbishop Kurtz:

Dear Archbishop Kurtz:

This weekend, Call To Action held its National Conference in Memphis, TN.  Close to 1,000 Catholics, from 49 states, attended and participated in Church related talks and small group discussions.

We know you will be pleased to hear that we enthusiastically discussed the Synod 14 Document “Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization.”

Those in attendance reviewed, in great detail, the 62 statements listed in the document. We want the Bishops to know that we encourage the spirited conversation, started at the Bishop Synod in Rome, to continue and grow in the months ahead in each Diocese and local parish throughout the country.

Enclosed with this letter, you will find the Call To Action statement that the conference attendees were asked to sign. We are presenting to you over 650 signatures. You will see that they represent Diocese and cities throughout the United States. We are anxious to assist and support our local bishops and parish priests so they can hear the important stories from as many Catholic families as possible during the weeks and months ahead.

On behalf of Call To Action, we send our love and prayers for your leadership as President and for a successful USCCB conference.

Ryan Sattler

Local Chair – Maryland Call To Action Chapter

Local contact:    443-275-1180 / 717-891-6156

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