PRESS RELEASE: Chicago Catholics Pen Letter to Cupich

Written By Call To Action


November 17, 2014

Chicago Catholics Pen Letter to Cupich

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Monday, November 17

Chicago area Catholics involved with Call To Action, the country’s largest organization working for equality and justice in the Catholic church, mailed a letter to Blase Cupich, Chicago’s new Archbishop, welcoming him and seeking an opportunity to co-create Church together.

The complete letter is included below.


Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich,

It is with great excitement and hope that we welcome you as Archbishop of Chicago! The Catholic community in Chicago is strong, diverse and vibrant and we are excited to greet you.

As local lay leaders with Call To Action, a national organization of progressive Catholics, we welcome you and invite you to sit down with us so that we can hear your hopes and dreams for the archdiocese and share our own.  

Friends in South Dakota, Nebraska and Washington have told us that you are a pastoral and humble leader who believes in a Church which celebrates the unique experiences and gifts of all of her people. We look forward to the new leadership you bring to Chicago and hope this is the beginning of a time when we can co-create a better Church with you.

Like our worldwide Church, our city is wonderfully diverse and has a rich history and challenging present. We hope you’ll explore our city’s beauty and its pain and hear the stories of its people. Chicago has a deep history of social justice and progressive movements led by people of faith, we are happy to welcome you to that community.

Across the archdiocese, Catholics are working every day in myriad ways to heal our Church and world; we hope you will join us in this work. We look forward to the pastoral example we know you will bring and to renewed dialogue in our community.

We know that you will likely be very busy as soon as you arrive, but we hope you’ll accept our invitation.  We are happy to meet anytime and eager to share our stories! At your convenience, please contact us to set up a time. Ellen can be reached at 773 217 0023 or and will be happy to coordinate with you.

We are praying for you and our archdiocese at this exciting time and look forward to working together! 


Karen Allen

Ellen Euclide

Bob Heineman

Margaret McClory

Robert McClory

Justin Sengstock


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Ryan Hoffmann, Director of Communications

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Cupich Letter

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  • David Corcoran says:

    Thank you for writing a letter to welcome Bishop Cupich to Chicago. We look forward to working together with him in renewing the Church.

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