Co-Executive Directors Selected for Transitional Leadership

Written By Call To Action


March 23, 2016

Dear Friend,

Call To Action has worked diligently for the past several weeks to put into place a transitional leadership plan as I step out of the Executive Director role. Today, I am very pleased to share that Amy Sheber Howard of Call To Action’s vision council and Ryan Hoffmann of Call To Action’s national staff will assume leadership as transitional Co-Executive Directors beginning April 1st. Both Amy and Ryan are long-time Call To Action members who have provided critical leadership in various aspects of the organization over the years. Call To Action is incredibly blessed to have Amy and Ryan in these co-directorship roles while Call To Action moves forward in preparing for permanent leadership.

Additionally, Austen Coker, Call To Action’s Director of Operations, and Patti Kay, Call To Action’s Accountant, will provide leadership and support in the areas of operations and finance, respectively, as Co-Chief Operating Officers. No expression of gratitude is too small in thanking them for stepping up and assisting Call To Action with the needed support so that we’re good stewards of our human and financial resources during this transitional period.

It is a real gift to be working so closely with Ryan, Amy, Austen, Patti, and the rest of national staff who are all taking on additional responsibilities to ensure a seamless transition. As a Call To Action member and financial supporter, I know that Call To Action is in very good hands as we continue our important work of cultivating justice in our Church and world.

If you have questions about Call To Action’s transitional leadership plan, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at 773.404.0004, ext. 262.

Moving forward,

Jim FitzGerald, Executive Director

Amy Sheber Howard

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.00.55 PM

Ryan Hoffmann

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