PRESS RELEASE: Call To Action Will Continue to Honor All Ideas, Voices, & Perspectives

Written By Call To Action


July 15, 2014

Today, the National Catholic Reporter reported that Margaret Nutting Ralph, a prominent scripture scholar, was censored for offering a workshop at the 2013 Call To Action conference.

Please see below Call To Action’s statement related to this development.

July 15, 2014.

Call To Action was blessed to have Dr. Margaret Nutting Ralph join us at the 2013 conference and dialogue with participants about scripture and the use of contextual methods. Dr. Ralph is a prominent scripture scholar and exceptional educator.

It is unfortunate that Dr. Ralph is being censored by Liturgy Training Publications (LTP), owned by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Her work, ministry, and leadership in the Church deserve our gratitude and respect.

Pope Francis values openness, dialogue, and consultation and has called on the Church to be a “big tent.” Call To Action agrees and will continue to honor the ideas, voices, and perspectives of all Catholics.

We look forward to the 2014 Call To Action Conference November 7-9 in Memphis, TN. We’ll gather as a community of faith to learn from one another, worship together, and move forward in creating a church for everyone.

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  • anne eggleston says:

    Thank you for your continued presence to serve all of us. Thank you for a mature adult leadership that seems to be lacking in some of the clergy! Many of whom could learn quite a bit from Sr. Margaret! Keep up the great work.

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