ABC7 CHICAGO: I-Team Uncovers Growing Movement of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Written By Call To Action


July 29, 2014

CTA Board Member and Roman Catholic Woman Priest, Barbara Zemen, featured in ABC7 Chicago I-team report.

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  • John Maitland says:

    Women priests is long overdue, obviously. If equality of men and women rights is a fact then women are priests too. Afterall did not Jesus have two very, very close women at his side. He was more intimate with them then his men disciples.

    Men priests are afraid. Afraid of opening priesthood to women “on their watch”.

    Let us continue to move forward in a respective ideology that recognizes the powers and abilities of women at least equal to men.

    P.S. How does one get the SF bishop off the backs of nuns. Male domination again.

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