Local groups celebrate the season

Written By BFC


December 20, 2013


Focus Areas:

All around the country this December, local CTA groups have been gathering to celebrate the season.

“We celebrate this way every year, and it is always a blast,” said Janelle of her chapter’s annual potluck.  The Heart of America chapter, which Janelle has been a member of for years, invited members to bring a dish to share earlier this month as they gathered to celebrate community.

It often seems food is the universal community builder; in DC, over 25 young progressive Catholics also gathered for a potluck.  The recently formed Guerrilla Communion group’s core organizers include several people who met at CTA conferences and their Christmas party drew many new faces.

Many CTA chapters also worship together throughout the year and Advent is a special season. In Western Washington, members of the small faith sharing group associated with the chapter gathered each week to study the readings in addition to their usual Eucharistic celebrations.   Many CTA chapters also include women who’ve been ordained, and this Advent made it a point to attend Masses celebrated by women.

In a season of joy and community, we’re thankful as always for the many ways that CTA’s local groups are creating the justice filled Church we’re working for!


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