Dear Friend,

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can feel overwhelmed these days. When there are so many injustices that need to be addressed at once it can feel hard to know where to begin. How are we being called to live our faith in these urgent times?

I recently had the privilege of gathering with 11 young Catholic social justice activists in Minneapolis, Minnesota to grapple with that very question. These Young Leaders were selected to be part of Call To Action’s 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership, which is empowering and supporting them as they discern how their faith calls them to social justice.

At the retreat, our Young Leaders listened to each other’s stories, discussed the joys and heartaches of being progressive Catholics, and shared their hopes for the future. At the end of our time together, each Young Leader was commissioned by Call To Action to spend the next six months discerning their call to leadership. During that time, they will meet with their mentors, gather for online meetings as a cohort, and implement social justice projects of their choosing that combine their deepest passions with the needs of their communities.

After spending a weekend with our Young Leaders, I couldn’t help but be moved from a place of fear and inaction to hope and commitment. I was reminded that, like our Young Leaders, each of us are called in unique ways to use our skills, experience and wisdom to help build a more just world.

The 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership is just one of many ways that Call To Action is living our faith in urgent times. Will you join us by making a donation in support of the 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership and our other programs? Your donation will support the many ways that Call To Action is faithfully responding to injustice in our church and society, including:

Here’s just a small example of some of the ways that your donations could be used:

  • $10 buys a young adult lunch at Call To Action’s National Conference
  • $50 pays for a staff member to drive to visit a chapter in their local area
  • $200 enables a low income person to attend Conference
  • $350 helps us print new resource guides for chapters
  • $1,000 is enough to fund a day-long White Supremacy and Catholicism retreat for Call to Action members
  • $10,000 funds the 20/30 Project for Mentoring and Leadership for an entire year

With so much heartbreak and fear in the world, it can be hard to know how you are being called to act for justice. Donating to Call To Action is one clear way that you can live your faith in these urgent times. Please join us as we build community, resist injustice and pave the way for Call To Action’s future.

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Thank you for supporting our Young Leaders, and Call To Action.

In solidarity,

Claire Hitchins
CTA JustChurch Organizer

PS: I hope you’ll join us this November at Call To Action’s National Conference in San Antonio, where we’ll have the opportunity to hear from our Young Leaders about their unique take on Progressive Catholicism, and learn about their social justice projects. Register today.