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June 1, 2016


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June is a month full of PRIDE events, celebrating the beauty, giftedness, and diversity of the LBGTQI community.  Whether gay or straight, trans or cis, Call To Action highly encourages you to find out when the PRIDE celebrations are happening in your city.  If you don’t know when the PRIDE events are in your town, click here for a Gay Pride Calendar.  When you are there, let people know there is a place for everyone in the Call To Action community.  If you need materials, let us know.  We are happy to send you things to pass out to others.

On Wednesday, June 22, at 7:00 pm central,Call To Action is hosting a webinar on why LBGTQ people choose to stay in the Catholic unnamedChurch.  Owen Borda, PhD, is a professional pastoral musician by training, theologian by temperament, healthcare/teacher advocate by vocation, is committed to service of those at the margins. His studies at Maryknoll School of Theology, Hartford Seminary and Seton Hall shaped to his doctoral research in interdisciplinary studies at the Union Institute and University.  He will talk on Home is where the heart is: Being LGBT and being ‘home’ in the Church.

Owen explains, “I am so often asks, “How can you stay in THE Church?”  For me it all comes down to the adage that “Home is where the heart is.”  Being “home” and in relationship with “family” is always a complicated dance of acceptance, boundaries, frankly God’s grace.  In this webcast, I will share some of my experiences in the struggle as a gay man in and out of the church as a pastoral musician, AIDS provider, and family member.  Our dialogue will include a open forum for discussion and mutual support.”

To register for Owen’s webinar, click here.


While not in June, the 8th Day Center for Justice is hosting an event.

LGBTQ+ Justice in Faith-Based Communities

Understanding the Evolving Story of Gender & Sexuality

Friday, July 8th 2016

Grace Place

637 South Dearborn Street

Chicago, IL 60605

8:30 | Gather

 9am – 12pm | Workshop

What does it mean to be queer?  How can we better understand queerness so that our faith  communities can be more inclusive?  How might the story of the evolving universe inform our understanding of sexuality and gender? What might a church that is fully embracing of the queer community look like?

Please join us as we explore these questions and more during a workshop on understanding gender and sexuality, and how that relates to Catholic identity.  Chris McNultywill lay the foundation for our discussion with the basic language and tenets of queer theory.  What is queer theory?  What terms are most inclusive and appropriate?  How might we need to challenge our pre-conceived understandings of the human person?  How do gender and sexuality intersect with race, ability, and economic status?

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