Join us at the SOAW Convergence at the US/Mexico border next week!

Written By Call To Action


September 30, 2016


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Call To Action is endorsing the SOA Watch Convergence at the Border and we encourage you to join the October 7-10 vigils, protests and workshops at the Eloy Detention Center, in Tucson, and in Nogales, Arizona/ Sonora at the border wall. Visit the convergence webpage for more information.

It is important that we have a strong showing of activists from throughout the U.S. and Mexico in the lead-up to the November elections. We are going to take a stand for justice and demand fundamental change in US policies that goes beyond elections. Come out and amplify the demands of the convergence:

  • An end to the destructive U.S. military, economic, and political interventions in the Americas.
  • De-militarization of the borders. We need to build bridges with our neighbors, not walls.
  • The dismantling of the racist and sexist systems that steal from, criminalize, and kill migrants, refugees, natives, gender non-conforming people, communities of color, and others throughout the hemisphere.
  • Respect, dignity, justice and self-determination for all communities, especially the poor and most vulnerable
  • No more profits over people! Private military, prison, oil, mining, and other corporations should not determine our future or that of the earth, the people should.
  • For the full schedule of October 7-10 events, visit Weekend Programs¬†

Featured speakers and musicians at the bi-national rally and the vigil at the US/Mexico border wall

Workshops on Saturday, October 8 in Nogales, Arizona, USA

Workshops on Saturday, October 8 in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

People of Color Space in Tucson, Arizona

See you at the Border!

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