Job Openings

Liturgy Coordinator for 2018 National Conference

The Liturgy Coordinator position reports to CTA’s Conference Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating and providing quality liturgical experiences that celebrate and strengthen the CTA community as we gather for our annual conference.


Responsibilities include the planning, training, recruiting and scheduling of ministers and liturgical artists (including environmental designer, musicians, liturgical dancers), coordinating and execution of the Friday opening Liturgy, Sunday closing Eucharist, and a brief opening prayer at the Saturday plenary session.   Also responsible for preparing, caring for, and ordering of all liturgical articles and supplies, including bread and wine.  

The Liturgy Coordinator will also be responsible for working with the Conference Coordinator to ensure the overall flow of all plenary sessions.  This includes providing times for mic checks for anyone speaking from the stage and providing outlines and scripts to the sound/light technicians & camera technicians.  This will also include communicating all equipment needs to the technical crew and Conference Coordinator.

This is a contracted position, requiring attendance at the CTA National Conference Wednesday-Sunday (November 7-11, 2018) of the week of conference.  Other time requirements throughout the year (especially April – November) include planning and preparation, recruiting a Liturgy Committee to represent the many constituencies of Call To Action as well as liturgical artists who will be involved in the liturgies, working within the budget set for liturgy, coordinating and facilitating regular communication with the Liturgy Committee, providing text and music to be included in the conference program guides, and regular communication with the Conference Coordinator.  The Liturgy Coordinator will also work with the Conference Coordinator to recruit a homilist and prayer leaders to participate in the liturgy and will communicate with them their roles, time allotment, and provide time for rehearsal. 


  • Familiarity with Call To Action mission. Recent attendance at a Call To Action conference is a plus.
  • Three-plus years experience in liturgy coordinating.
  • Degree/Experience in theology, liturgy or religious studies.
  • Organized; able to work collaboratively with staff and committee members; computer literate (Google Suite, Microsoft Office).


Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Conference Coordinator Molly Pach Johnson at  Applications should be submitted by April 13, 2018.

Liturgy Coordinator Job Description PDF