Joan Chittister Webinar this October!

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September 27, 2016


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We’re happy to reprint from our friends at Benetvision:


Award-winning author and international speaker Joan Chittister will respond to leadership void in live-streamed webinar.

“Women and Moral Leadership,” to stream on October 22, aims to empower audiences about the changing nature of leadership and its immediate effects on institutions, organizations, women—and men—everywhere.

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Erie, PA: Benetvision announces a live-streamed webinar featuring Joan Chittister on October 22, 2016, 11:00 a.m. EDT. Chittister, author of more than 50 books who regularly fills conference centers and lecture halls around the world, will deliver “Women and Moral Leadership,” an hour-long presentation on the practical and principled aspects of leadership.

“Leaders are those who advance the questions of the age,” explained Joan Chittister. “If we really want leaders who take us down a different path, then the moral leadership of women is essential in a world whose name is despair and in a church whose vision is yet, still, even now, partial.”

A scan of recent headlines exposes the lack-of-leadership angst that is now a universal reality: “Absence of Global Leadership;” “The real reasons there are so few women leaders;” “Lack of Minority Women Leaders;” “Lack of vision or lack of leadership;” “Lack of diversity in leadership;” “Women relatively rare in top positions of religious leadership.”

Sister Joan Chittister’s presentation will address the issues behind the headlines—how and why we arrived at the present situation and why bold leadership is needed in both society and church now. “The world can’t afford to have the errors of the last generation become even more death-dealing,” Chittister said. “For the sake of the next generation we need leaders who inspire us to be fully human together. We must choose leaders who will lead us and the world back to our best selves. As abstract as the subject may sound, it is, in fact, a very urgent issue that is affecting all our lives.”

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