Intentional Eucharistic Communities plan gathering

Written By BFC


January 23, 2014


Focus Areas:

Many CTA members worship together as part of Intentional Eucharistic Communities (IECs), a radical act of building the Church we believe in.  These small faith communities are often deeply rooted in Catholic tradition, but many are also radically inclusive with Masses led by women priests or sacraments of marriage for same sex couples, making them a natural home for many CTA members.  The vast diversity within the IEC movement is the focus of a gathering next fall.

Organizers are urging communities to commit to the gathering early in order to take part in a year long book club which will lead up to the event.  Details about IECs, the gathering and the preparations can be found at  Sessions and discussion at the event will focus on everything from practical issues of IEC management to deep discussions of the theology of the movement.  Spirit of St Steven’s, a community where many of the members of our Twin Cities chapter worship, is this year’s host.

We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge, but make sure to save the date for what is sure to be a spiritually nourishing event!


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