Inspiring Catholics

Sr. Vivian

Chicago, IL

Ultimately, Sr. Vivian - and those in the pews - know the Church will be better off for fully including women's "thinking and experience." Male clergy would "profit," she says, by the gifts, talents, and experiences women would bring to the Church. Women are often still seen as a threat, but this can change (and is changing!).

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Sarah Amalia Holst

Duluth, MN

One night in her painting studio, during her senior year of college, Sarah learned about the Roman Catholic Womenpriests. A friend was doing his theology capstone paper on Mary Magdelene and ran across the RCWP website. Sarah remembers crying with her friend and hoping that someday they could together share the priesthood.

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Bob Heineman

Chicago, IL

After two decades of extraordinary service to Call To Action, Bob has announced his plans to retire at the end of this year. Bob marches for peace, advocates for women’s equality, stands for marriage equality, witnesses alongside survivors of sexual abuse, works tirelessly for racial justice and demands that the church be all the People of God.

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John Freml

Springfield, IL

During the retreat, we laughed together (a lot), we shared our Catholic horror stories, and we brainstormed about how to build up small faith sharing communities. We didn’t always agree on everything, but we respected our differences and learned how to build a progressive Catholic movement that is open to diversity and debate.

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Shirley Adler

Seattle, WA

When we envision Call To Action’s future as one including a vibrant community of engaged young people, we can do

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Jack & Ellen McNally

Estero, FL

"What they didn’t foresee was how exciting and fulfilling their work would be as Call To Action SW Florida chapter leaders."

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Marian Fredal

Madison, WI

"The work of racial justice has become my biggest interest. Not only has it allowed me to discover more about who I am as a White Catholic, but it has inspired me to confront systems of oppression."

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Nita & Steve Powers

Albany, NY

Nita believes Call To Action is Church. She says, “As the People of God we have a responsibility to be our true selves and to show this truth to others.”

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Megan Graves

Lombard, IL

"I also feel so empowered by this group of young adults who are simply living out the Gospel, even as we challenge the institutions that taught us this Gospel of justice, love, and inclusivity."

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Caryl Callsen

Pioneer, CA

"If we work together as a church, we can make a big, joyful noise and let everyone know that all are worthy and all are loved... we can learn from and teach each other."

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