Marian Fredal

Madison, WI

Written By Call To Action


April 1, 2014

Marian Fredal has been an active Catholic her entire life. A native of Michigan who now resides in Wisconsin, Marian is an avid film lover and physical therapist who works with those with developmental disabilities. Growing up outside Detroit, Marian witnessed firsthand the local history of racial tension and injustice. Marian describes this experience as that which gave rise to the issue closest to her heart – racial justice – and one of the reasons she’s involved with Call To Action’s Anti-racism Team.

“The work of racial justice has become my biggest interest. Not only has it allowed me to discover more about who I am as a White Catholic, but it has inspired me to confront systems of oppression,” she says. Following the lead of and learning from people of color is crucial to her work. She explains that it is in this encounter that she’s been encouraged to ask, “What does it mean to work on racial justice and understand the complexities of what’s involved?” It’s not an easy journey, she admits, but one well worth the time and commitment. “Every victory inspires me. The struggle for justice is giving birth to new life.”

The Anti-racism Team’s dedication to education and training – for ourselves, our chapters, organization, and Church – is vitally important to its mission. A challenge, she reports, is that many believe we live in a post-racial world and that “society no longer believes it is an important issue.” While progress has been made, there’s much more to be done in addressing systemic racial disparities and privilege. And, she notes, “Call To Action is one of very few places taking on the issue and doing this type of work.” She’s excited about the team, and the organization, taking the next step.