Margie Winters

Philadelphia, PA

Written By Call To Action


October 15, 2015

Margie Winters and her partner, Andrea, have inspired many to work for a more inclusive and just Catholic Church! But it hasn’t always been easy.

This past summer Margie was fired from her job as a teacher of religion at Waldron Mercy Academy, a Catholic Elementary School in Philadelphia, because of her marriage to my partner Andrea. She held the job for 8 years and I loved working with the children and families in the community.

But, she says, the support she received from the Call To Action community in the weeks and months following lifted her up and gave her hope:

“The experience of the last six weeks has been extremely painful for Andrea and me.  The support that we’ve received during this time has been overwhelming.  This community has held us up and has accompanied us every step of the way.  This experience has shown us that many in the church desire an inclusive church that bases its decisions on love and mercy.  This is the Church that Pope Francis has called for.  With his visit to Philadelphia, what better time for the Church of Philadelphia to have this conversation?  

We hope that the suffering that we experience individually, as a school community, and as church community brings an opportunity to engage in conversation and dialogue with the Church.  As people rooted in Mercy, we believe that relationship opens us to know and understand one another.  We desire a place at the table in this Church that we so deeply love and in which we desire to be of service.”

Thank you, Margie and Andrea, for keeping us focused on love and justice!