Jen O’Malley

Long Beach, CA

Written By Call To Action


April 22, 2016

Jen O’Malley is a Roman Catholic Womanpriest, chapter leader of CTA Los Angeles, and has been involved with Call To Action since 1995.

“I joined CTA to be part of an organization that honored the voice of all Catholics.  My partner of 23 years and I attended the conference in 1995 together, it was place we could be open about who we were- both as Catholics and Lesbians.”

Originally from Wisconsin, Jen ministers to small faith communities in and around Long Beach, CA where she has lived for the past 20 years.

“I was ordained as a priest in 2012.  Celebrating liturgy with communities that are focused on working for justice, especially for women and children, and knowing that the voice of all in the community is valued and lifted up gives me hope for the future of our Church.”

Jen’s role as a leader in small faith communities will likely be a model for other faith communities, as the Church continues to rapidly change.

“I think CTA and small faith communities are the future of the Church.  The Church won’t survive without the work of CTA and your work on bringing awareness concerning the global implications of sexism and racism in our church.”

Thank you Jen, for your inspiring work!