Caryl Callsen

Pioneer, CA

Written By Call To Action


December 9, 2013

I am an active retiree who loves spending time with my husband hiking, skiing, canoeing, camping—whatever we can do together!  Our children and grandchildren also give me much pleasure. In my spare time, I like to volunteer for organizations which support just, humane, and compassionate causes.

What I love about the Catholic Church is the Mass; I can be with any group in any place that celebrates the mass and the basic format will be familiar.  I especially like to share Eucharist with a small community of friends.  The Catholic Church is filled with people and organizations that give much to social justice causes—I also love that!

I got involved with the church justice movement because I was greatly disturbed by what I encountered in many parishes and dioceses.  The emphasis was not on compassion and acceptance of all, but too many of the clergy and laity were concerned with appearances and finances.  Discrimination and injustice was prevalent.  Jesus’ message was forgotten.

One thing I do to create a better church is help put together spiritual, theological and social justice programs for the local Call To Action chapter in Sacramento.  I’m a board member of that chapter and we offer monthly events that feature speakers, movies, and spiritual presentations that reflect the mission and goals of Call To Action. Attendees are introduced to ideas and theology that they would never experience in many parishes.  They then become richer participants and, possibly, justice activists in the parish.