Carah Helwig

San Antonio, TX

Written By BFC


August 26, 2013

I am a cradle Catholic, mommy to Josephine, wife to Matt, dedicated public servant. I’m apparently licensed to practice law in two states but sometimes I sit back and marvel at how surreal that seems, since I dreamed of being an attorney since I was a child.  Currently in San Antonio by way of Milwaukee, South Bend, Champaign, and Peoria. I’m a member of the 20/30 Leadership Team.

What I love about the Catholic Church is…oddly enough, its tradition. While I think that there are many areas for change, the constancy, rich history, majesty, and mystery keep drawing me back to the Catholic Church. I spent 13 years in parochial school, attended a public university, and came full circle by attending a Catholic law school. The time I spent in Catholic grade school in particular fostered a desire to seek social justice that has carried me throughout my entire life. You can’t escape it. It’s part of who you are. I also have to admit I have a crush on Pope Francis. 🙂

I got involved with the church justice movement because I love Catholicism, but there is always room for improvement. History has demonstrated to us that the most vibrant communities evolve over time while maintaining a core consistency. The church needs to return to its welcoming roots.

I didn’t think I could change the church until I found Call To Action!  I had no idea there was an entire group for people like me, even though I knew there were plenty of us out there. When the opportunity came for me to apply to the 20/30 Leadership Team I had to take it. And it’s been, literally, a Godsend. CTA’ers are the Catholics I’ve been looking for my entire life.  The folks I’ve met make me want to be a better person and a better Catholic.  With our voices rising as one, we can continue to work for justice.

If we work together as a church, we can achieve anything.