Bob Heineman

Chicago, IL

Written By Call To Action


December 3, 2014

For nearly 20 years, Bob Heineman has served on Call To Action’s national staff cultivating and supporting CTA’s local chapters around the country as well as leading fundraising efforts.   Today, there are over fifty Call To Action chapters around the country and CTA has a solid financial foundation positioning the organization well for the future.

After two decades of extraordinary and passionate service to Call To Action, Bob has announced his plans to retire at the end of this year.

In all the time we have worked together, Bob has lived the mantra of being a church that is just, inclusive, and accountable.  Bob marches for peace, advocates for women’s equality, stands for marriage equality, witnesses alongside survivors of sexual abuse, works tirelessly for racial justice and demands that the church be all the People of God.

Even before joining national staff, Bob engaged in 12 years of volunteer work at CTA, including:

–          Creating and leading “Catholics for Peace” – CTA’s creative outreach to parishes in support of the Bishops Pastoral Letter on Peace,

–          Serving on the CTA Chicago Board (before there was a national board of directors),

–          Participating in Central American humanitarian efforts that provided need supplies for Nicaragua,

–          Supporting CTA’s Performing Arts Ministry in the 1980s and 90s

In communicating his retirement plans, Bob promises this is not farewell, saying, “I’m not going away.  While I bring to a close my full time employment, I look forward to participating more joyfully than ever as a willing volunteer.”

Bob’s wisdom, passion, and love for the Catholic faith will continue to help move CTA forward next year, as he will remain connected with CTA in a consultative role.  In the coming months, Bob and I will be developing a transition plan so that there is no break in the ongoing support for CTA’s local chapters.

Bob’s call for a Catholic Church that is just, inclusive and accountable is one we all envision for generations to come.  We honor Bob’s years of service by remaining faithful to that vision of church.