Inspiring Catholics

Re/Generation 2020

RE/GENERATION 2020 Re/Generation calls young leaders animated by liberatory, life-giving faith to reckon with the injustices of the Catholic institution

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Joe Kruse

Minneapolis, MN

Joe Kruse, a member of the keynote panel at Call To Action’s Conference in Albuquerque, is one of the founding members of the Minneapolis

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Pat McSweeney

Taunton, MA

“Once my eyes were opened, I was really changed.” Inspiring Catholics come in all ages, all colors and genders.  But

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Jen O’Malley

Long Beach, CA

Jen O’Malley is a Roman Catholic Womanpriest, chapter leader of CTA Los Angeles, and has been involved with Call To

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Ish Ruiz

San Francisco, CA

In this Season of Easter, we are called to set our eyes on the Risen Christ and to reflect on the transformational journey Christ calls us to. By bringing the memory of our past and the hopes for our future to the Risen Christ, we can experience the fullness of life made possible through Jesus’ and our Resurrection.

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Nick Stevens

St. Louis, MO

"I fully believe that I was made in God’s image, that God has always known that I am transgender, and that my decision to transition is me growing into who God made me to be."

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Ruth Kolpack

Beloit, WI

"Ruth played more than just a role there. She was the foundation of all activity at St. Thomas... She's the heart and soul behind everything that goes on."

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Margie Winters

Philadelphia, PA

"We hope that the suffering we experienced brings an opportunity to engage in conversation and dialogue with the Church. We desire a place at the table in this Church that we so deeply love and in which we desire to be of service."

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