How can we be truly welcoming? April 7 webinar tackles diversity

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March 25, 2015


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On April 7th, as part of it’s Queer Catholic Faith series, DignityUSA will host a discussion of diversity in our social justice movements. Anti-racism organizers Derrick Dawson and Ellen Euclide (who is also CTA’s Director of Programs) will talk about what we can do to promote diversity in our organizations.

The idea for a webinar on the topic arose from Dignity’s Young Adult Caucus. Within local chapters and the national movement these young leaders have been asking the tough question: Why do our faith communities lack racial, generational and gender diversity?

“[Join] a discussion on how to inspire and sustain true diversity in our communities of faith and action.” say the organizers, “What does it take to bring this vital richness to our communal life?”

“Some of our communities have a tough time attracting and sustaining a diverse membership.” they observe, “The desire is there, the tools may need fine-tuning. The effort is essential, however, because there is nothing more beautiful than a unity in diversity.”

What tools do we need to be truly welcoming?  Help us answer that question! Young adult leader Martin Witchger will facilitate the conversation between Ellen and Derrick about transforming our Church and movement.  Participation from attendees will be welcome and we are sure to all learn from one another!  Attending is easy, just register here to receive more information.


  • Barbara Beesley says:

    I’m having difficulty forwarding this by email via your Share button. The message fails to scroll down to a Send button.

    • Ellen Euclide says:

      to forward the Just Church Digest, just use your email platform’s “forward” button.

  • Malcolm & Mariani Nazareth says:

    Inclusivity must take into account African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos/as, Asian Americans, LGBTQIA, atheists, agnostics, and whoever else is out there. No exclusions, please. That’s what “all” signifies when we say “All are welcome.”